What are window films?

Safety, sun protection and window films comprise a wide range of high-quality professional products. They are applied by our Authorised Dealers and Certified Dealers, specialised and experienced installation companies. Glazing films modify window glass to improve its performance in terms of security, solar control, privacy and filtering harmful UV rays.

What are sun protection films used for?
They ensure high transparency and avoid optical distortions because their extremely thin and perfectly uniform adhesive creates a single body between the glass and the film, preventing the formation of "orange peel" effects.

How long do the window films last?
The window films offered by Tecnosolar have a ten-year guarantee but can last up to twenty years or, in some cases, even longer.

What aresun protection and safetyglass films made of?
The main materials used are polyester films and acrylic or polyester adhesives. Polyester films are designed to have excellent optical quality, high strength and other properties that make them high-quality films. Other materials are added, such as colouring agents for aesthetic purposes, noble metal layers for solar control and adhesives to hold different layers of films together during construction.

What happens if theglass surface to whicha safety film is appliedbreaks?
If the glass surface breaks, the safety film improves the behaviour of the glass surface by retaining the fragments and increasing the safety of people. Depending on the thickness of the film, different levels of protection against injury can be achieved.

Is the glass to which the film is applied "safe"?
Yes. The necessary tests have been carried out at authorised institutes and certificates have been issued to prove the resistance of the glass with the film. In the event of breakage, the glass is not shattered and no dangerous fragments can be released.
The film will continue to hold for many years.

In the event of a fire, is there a risk of toxic fumes being generated by the window film?

Tests on the release of smoke following combustion have shown that the emission of substances classified as toxic is well below the maximum acceptable parameters.

Should I apply the film to both sides of the glass?
In the case of monolithic float glass, it is advisable to apply the film to one side only. Glazing films make a pane of glass safe by applying the film on one side only. However, it is advisable to apply the film to the 'people' side, as this side will not have any sharp edges even if it breaks. In the case of double-glazing consisting of 2 monolithic float glass units, it is advisable to apply the film on both sides.

What happens to glass films when exposed to UV radiation?
Our films have an anti-UV treatment that offers maximum protection (over 99%) against harmful ultraviolet rays. This feature has the function of protecting the human body, objects, furniture and anything else exposed from the action of these rays.

Do anti-graffiti window filmsalso serve to protect against etching of glass with acids?
Yes, the chemical composition of the polyester in the anti-graffiti film also serves to protect surfaces against vandalism with acids.

Dowindow films also provide privacy at night?
Traditional reflective anti-solar films only provide privacy during the day, whereas 'privacy' films also fulfil their function at night.

Do car blackout filmsdistort the view?
No, as long as you are talking about blackout films with certified quality, such as Madico films, and that they have been installed by qualified and specialised personnel.

Can the applicationof anti-UV window filmshelp photosensitive people?
Absolutely. The application of anti-solar films, both in the home and in the car, has helped and significantly improved the condition of many people who suffer from problems related to exposure to sunlight.

window films on skyscrapers

Constant lighting at all times of day

Discretion during daylight hours

An attractive design

Protecting goods from deterioration near windows and glass panes

Significant reduction in internal temperature



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