Opaque Security Window Films

Security and Privacy

Madico Opaque Security Window Film provide an effect of opacity to the glass as they disperse and diffuse the light, are available in various designs and shades to provide different characteristics and performance.

With Madico Opaque Safety Window Films is possible to turn a simple glass into "security glass" of different types, conforming the glass to various European regulations. Makes the glass opaque limiting the transparency of glass, without compromising the lightness, thereby obtaining a new security measure, more modern environments and full protection of privacy.
Furthermore, even if this range of films are not for solar protection, they rejecting part of solar heat and 99% of harmful UV rays.

With a simple, fast and  cost effectively installation is possible to obtain a security glass certified in accordance with  the European standard EN12600 from a minimum thickness of 2 mm  in different classes 1B1 / 2B2 / 3B3.
The installations of  Madico Security Window Film carried out by specialists, it allows to obtain certification in accordance with various European regulations and the relevant Declaration of Conformity.

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