Decorative films for windows

Decorative window films have become a must for many people these days. Whether it is to periodically embellish a shop window, provide privacy in an office or simply improve the design of a facade, this product is increasingly being used and exploited in the construction industry.

We advise you not to trust everything you find written online and keep your eyes open before installing a film on your windows. There is often misleading information online just to sell products you don't need. For example, many people try to apply a screening or reflective film by passing it off as a product designed explicitly for privacy. While useful and effective in combating sunlight, these reflective films provide a degree of discretion only during daylight hours, when outdoor light is greater than indoor light. At night, when the light inside your building is stronger than the light outside, the reflective effect on your windows will be lost and your privacy will vanish.

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Why install decorative films?

There are therefore two main reasons for installing decorative films.

satin privacy film


The first is the necessary privacy that these products can provide. The film's satin finish will protect you from prying eyes and give your premises privacy.

Enjoy the beauty of natural light while maintaining your privacy with the many decorative film options in the Madico catalogue. Install a window privacy film to create discreet and tranquil spaces that complement the design of your building.




The second is purely aesthetic. Using the design lines and finishes we offer to enhance the look of your windows will certainly give your buildings a touch of elegance. 

Decorative films can be cut into unique patterns and designs to fit in with the existing layout of your building. This will create a unique atmosphere that will welcome customers in the right way and inspire employees as they work.

Madico's decorative films add a touch of style to any space they are installed in. They can also be easily removed and replaced when trends change and you want to change your interior design.


Installing decorative glass films is a cost-effective alternative to installing etched or frosted privacy glass. At a fraction of the cost, applying window film creates the same atmosphere, allowing your business to invest in other areas or your family to have that extra treat without sacrificing discretion and design.

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Which glass decoration film do you recommend?

Of course, it all depends on your taste, but we can give you some tips to keep in mind when making your decision.

With regard to pre-mouldings, we only install MADICO products, a leading American company with over 100 years of experience. First of all, we present the most widely used product in this field: the MADICO MT 200 XW. The film is completely satinised; this allows it to completely cover the glass, leaving you your privacy without preventing the sunlight from illuminating your rooms. The MT 200 can also be shaped or cut to size to create geometric shapes.

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Do you want to discover the best solution to solve your glazing problems?

Our decorative films for windows

Below is an overview of the safety films in our catalogue. Visit the product pages for more information.

Striped privacy film on office

This type of design film will be your first choice if you prefer a satin finish, which will allow light to filter through and give you the right amount of discretion.


The satin effect of the decorative satin film MT is the most suitable if you want to protect yourself from prying eyes while still ensuring good interior brightness. 

These films guarantee total privacy. They guarantee absolute privacy 24 hours a day, and are particularly suitable in situations where maximum discretion must be guaranteed and light transmission must be blocked. 


Madico's Out series blocks light transmission and can be used to create privacy or for decorative applications in office buildings, restaurants or commercial environments.

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printable film installation

Printable films can bring your glass to life with attractive colours, patterns and graphics. Printables are optically transparent, allowing you to print any design or image on the film without causing any optical distortion graphics can be enjoyed on both sides of the glass. We offer Vitrographic® , Lintec's ultra-transparent film! Custom film printing is an excellent alternative to stock designs and can be used for interior decoration, advertising and privacy. Use photographs, illustrations, translucent images, textures; the possibilities are endless. Create beautiful murals and colour patterns, visually soften an entrance, add privacy and more. Some films also block UV rays and offer a scratch-resistant coating for use in high-traffic areas. Printables provide an excellent way to promote your style and brand, getting you noticed immediately. Where will your imagination take you?