Madico Window Films, applied to the inside or outside, modify and enhance the properties of any existing glass.
Madico Window Films are high quality and professional films, the best available on the worlwide market. Madico's Window Film distributed by Tecnosolar srl are applied only by Madico-Tecnosolar Group, a network formed by the best companies in the industry, specializes in resolving all issues related to glass surfaces of any structure.
Madico’s current line features highly engineered, multilayer films for Energy Saving, Solar Control, Safety, Security, and Architectural applications.

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Madico has developed wide range of advanced exterior films to lead an extra energy efficiency to almost all glazing types, and to fit sinergically with all types of Low-E glass, providing summertime cooling without affecting the wintertime insulation efficiency of Low-E coatings.
Madico Solar Window films E PS SR are special versions of standard window films, designed specifically for installation on the exterior of the window, instead of on the interior (room side) of the glass. Exterior films reject solar energy on the outer pane, keeping the inner pane cool and reducing the energy that penetrates inside even more effectively than a similar interior film. Tecnosolar offers one of the best solutions for keeping interiors cooler in the summer, maximizing savings on energy costs, and upgrading energy efficiency.

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The most vulnerable part of any building is its glazing. Burglary, civil unrest, acts of violence and terrorism may lead to property damage; and glazing is frequently the target and point of entry for thieves and vandals alike. This vulnerability frequently contributes to personal injuries – particularly with accidental glass breakage.
Window Film is a high tech, low cost solution to protect people and property.
The Benefits of Madico Safety and Security Window Film are: Comply with Health & Safety regulations by upgrading existing glass, increase safety, increase security, offer blast mitigation, excellent value when compared to alternatives, clean and quick installation with a minimum of disruption and no additional maintenance. Madico Safety and Security Window Films are completely clear and are almost invisible when installed to glass.

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Madico Automotive Tints are available in a variety of shades and colors making it easy to accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the pinnacle of tint technology.
Premium cars require matching performance from their windows. Madico “Window Cosmetics” Automotive films pair natural beauty with sound scientific research for the ultimate in window film style and performance. Achieve high heat rejection without the look of dark.

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The suns UV rays can have harmful effects on Skin, we may be unaware that UV rays easily passes through glass. Therefore, while you may think you are safe from UV exposure while indoors, you may be exposed to direct and indirect UV. Madico Anti UV Window film can block UV more than 99% and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
Also Madico Anti UV window film gives maximum UV Protection Without the tint. Clear appearance. Scratch resistant. UV Protection Fade Control Clear Window Film reduces more than 99% of damaging UV rays that can fade and ruin interior furnishings and flooring. The film is compatible with all types of clear windows including single-pane and dual-pane.

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The shop windows are essential to attract customers, the broader generate more revenue, but generally also cause serious problems: fading, deterioration and degradation of materials, goods, products, artwork and furnishings that are exposed to solar radiation and to the aggression of ultraviolet rays, overheating produce an unproductive staff and customers, frequent use of air conditioning with high energy costs, also overheating makes difficult to use spaces near the windows. Madico window films are ideal for shop windows, shopping malls, museums, showrooms etc.

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