Decorative Window Films

The View Control Film line includes some of our most versatile products. 

The line offers many distinct benefits wherever it’s applied, such as a unique, fashionable look, UV protection, even protection from shattering glass.

But the most impressive benefit of Decolite® is that they give you the ability to dictate what can and cannot be seen.



Decolite film employs translucent geometric and custom patterns to heighten privacy and provide the appearance of etched glass. Decolite is used to enhance the decor of a room, complementing furniture, artwork, or the architecture. This innovative product comes in a variety of patterns, enabling custom designing. With Decolite, you can also achieve the effects of designer etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

Decorative Window Film Series

FROST MATTE PS 2 MIL                                                           GREY MATTE PS 2 MIL                                                            BRONZE MATTE PS 2 MIL



HG 810                                                                                            HG 816                                                                                           HG 811



HG 817                                                                                            TPB SR HPR                                                                                 TPR SR HPR



AMBER 81 PS SR                                                                          WHITEOUT                                                                                 BLACKOUT




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